Green People Organic Child Sun Lotion SPF30 Scent Free 150ml

    Green People Organic Child Sun Lotion SPF30 Scent Free 150ml

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      A scent-free, natural children’s sun cream that absorbs in seconds!

      • Offers 97% UVB protection (the rays that cause burning)
      • High protection against UVA and UVB rays
      • Easy-to-apply formula, suitable for sensitive skin & prickly heat
      • New look, fully recyclable plant-based packaging
      • Soothing and non-greasy
      • Water repellent but non pore-clogging
      • Contains 84% organic content
      • Plant-based packaging

        Ethical responsibility is at the heart of what Green People do. They are proud to present a reef-safe sun cream in fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging. Farmed on sustainable land, this plant-based packaging is completely carbon-neutral.

        Green People supports the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity protecting our seas, shores & wildlife.

        Due to the high level of plant derived ingredients and the complex nature of the UV filters used in our sun creams, they are prone to colour change during storage. This is entirely normal and whilst they are a creamy-white colour when first manufactured, they can develop a darker, tan shade over time. The rate at which this colour change takes place can be influenced by storage conditions, with warmer temperatures accelerating the process. This change in colour does not affect the UV protection offered by the sun creams.

        The Green People promise:
      • Certified organic ingredients
      • For children with sensitive skin
      • Eczema-friendly
      • Clean & reef-safe

      Pack size: 150 ml

      Format: Lotion

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